For everyone involved in business, the main task is to attract customers. More customers will help a person earn more money and help multiply the business. So every person, be it you, me or anyone else wants to find more ways to multiply our business as soon as possible. One of the ways to make money in business is through online marketing. A company can create the best website with the help of web designers. 

The website URL should be good enough to attract more customers 

Should be easy to learn. But the main problem that most people face is the long URL. Not only do they like to ignore long URLs, but they also find ways to shorten them. Therefore, there are many sites in the market that provide Free URL shortener services to customers. A few sites that help you do the same are, DwarfURL, Budurl, and Clogs are some sites that help shorten long URLs.

Twitter with URL shortener is now a newly added feature that helped people to use Twitter and also you can shorten your long URL with Twitter. is a Twitter link that helps shorten your long URL to a short one. But for businessmen, there are many other tasks that need to be solved properly in order to succeed in business. 

So, one of them is to find those sites that can be useful for URL shortening and also track the number of visitors who click on it and many other necessary things. So, to get a solution for the same, there are many sites available online like Bit. ly, DwarfURL, and Budurl that allow users to track the statistics and traffic of shortened URLs. These sites help you get accurate data about the people who actually visit the links you send them. Thus, URL shortening with tracking is one of the most outstanding features of online marketing.

Similarly, in addition to being one of the best URL shortening services can also track the number of clicks on all shortened URLs and can analyze and display data on how many people click on a URL. the address you submitted. It can also show how many clicks each country received and listed.

This thing helps to know whether your website is visited locally or globally and also you can know how many customers like your site. The sites have an option that can show you this information both in the form of graphs and in text. This can help you adjust your marketing strategies to attract more customers.

Why create a short URL or one of the Twitter posting rules

Let's face it: the shorter and simpler the website address (or URL = Uniform Resource Locator), the more likely people will find it easily. If you have a website with a long URL like "", the chances of getting anyone to type it correctly are slim to none.

It would be much easier to ask them to type in something like Also, if you host your website on Twitter for example, or want to use AdWords, the benefits are obvious. (Twitter strictly limits the number of characters that can be used in a tweet).

A short URL is usually registered in a country such as Tonga (.to) or Tuvalu (.tv), which does not require permanent residency to use the country extension. They redirect from the short URL to the base URL.

It is also often useful to mask or hide the base URL

This may be for perfectly legitimate business reasons, but care must be taken. Some of these sites end up on blacklists or spam blacklists. Some websites do not allow the posting of redirected URLs because they are often used by websites trying to circumvent a blacklist they are already on.

These shortened URLs usually use a foreign extension because some domain names are under the jurisdiction of that country.

But there are other benefits to using short links or URL shortening services. They provide complete information about the traffic that these short URLs receive and redirect, allowing you to target your ads more effectively.

There is also a service that advertises your shortened domain name (URL) in a series of advertisements on the Internet for free. All you have to do is sign up for their services and they will do it for you. These free services are fantastic offers as it takes a lot of effort to place ads in places.

First, you need to create an ad, and then write a headline. Then you need to make a list of keywords and test them to make sure that they will actually bring visitors to your site.

Get your keywords right and your website will show up. But of course, before it can be displayed, search engine crawlers have to find it and rank it.

The following increase your scores

* Relevance: The website should be relevant to the subject (keyword) being searched for.

* Links: Search engines place a lot of weight on the number of "quality" links to your site.

* Fresh content. If web crawlers don't find new content frequently, the site can become outdated and drop in rankings (and, of course, impressions).

Search engines penalize keyword overuse, lack of relevance, and poor grammar.

Using a short URL service is essential if you want to "tweet". All other benefits are nice bonuses.