Love dolls, a.k.a sex dolls, are objects made of rubber that serve as comfort or sex object as they are female dolls with breasts, nipples, and asses. It is believed that these love dolls were first created in the 16th century by sailors who found long voyages boring. They then sewed themselves a cloth doll as a massage tool and became the love dolls we know today.

A love doll serves two main functions:

As a companion to the story

The above point is obvious, but the second point may need an ラブドール各機能の説明. If you look at the Cambridge dictionary, a companion is someone who spends a lot of time together, because they are friends or they often travel together. But of course, a sex doll is not a person but something that resembles a person, just like Barbie is a doll on a larger scale.

So how can a love doll be a companion? The owner mostly defines a friend or not; in the case of sex dolls, the owner sees them as girls or women. Therefore, they see idols as humans. During some sad times, such as losing a family member or breaking up with a former lover, the owner often needs someone to hug and spend time with.

Another aspect of this common pattern will be loneliness. For their own reasons, some men choose to make sex dolls instead of having a real woman with them. Being with a real woman whose partners often give surprises (such as pregnancy scares) and broken hearts.

Is a man married to a doll?

Some choose to marry a sex idol. If you search for news, Yuri Tolochko, from Kazakhstan, a man from Hong Kong named Tse Tin Wing, has articles that married a sex idol. While Yuri has a few female idols, Tse has only found one, and her name is Mochi, a similar Japanese idol. Last year, she had a wedding ceremony with her friends and family and said she never slept with her idol. Later, she also got herself a new baby doll. It's amazing if you ask me.

Cheating on the sex doll "women"

Back to Yuri's story, the media called him "pansexual". She could fall in love with love dolls and also with a dress of ashes. Later news came to know that he exchanged his wife's old doll for a new doll. Well, maybe it doesn't matter with the doll since no one will get hurt! That's the main point.

 What's up:

The work that many hobbyists begin to misunderstand is stand-alone work (independent work).

Love dolls without this function cannot stand alone. Because the bottom of the foot is soft, it is not very comfortable.

So independent work is the most popular and common choice in the industry of sex dolls. It's a must-have for photography and easy storage.

The puppets that chose the role of standing have three (very small) metal boat-fixing irons that stick out slightly from the bottom of their feet. With this bracket, love dolls can stand on their own without the help of people or things. The look is a little ugly, but it's not a big deal if you think you can enjoy standing. However, if you take your eyes off it, it's dangerous, so please don't leave the doll standing. It can fall and break.

More Functionality

There is another role that a Mailovedoll can play. Showa University used a life-like doll, Hanako 2, to teach dental students in Japan. The robot skin was created by a company, Orient Industry, which is dedicated to making sex dolls and sex toys.

The university told the media that the robot helped students feel the real person sitting there in the patient's chair during the training. It played an important role in the success of their program.